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01/30/10 Day 3: Not-Quite-Disneyland

   I learned two things this morning. 1) Whatever detergent Disney uses on their sheets and towels does not agree with my sensitive skin and makes me itch like crazy. After today I would learn to wear something that covers ALL my skin while sleeping and toweling off was kept to a bare minimum (bare... get it? HA!). And 2) Getting Steev to wake up after a long day at a park is harder than getting Steev up after a long night of video games.

I did eventually sooth my skin (I have learned to keep cortizone 10 with me at all times) and got a groggy Steevin down the giant Rubix cube and into the Everything Pop. We had a delightful breakfast of chocolate filled croissants and a shared side of bacon. Don't you just love vacation food! While we were eating, Sleepy Steev watched a show about some sort of crazy green and white Space Panda who was learning to bake on the giant Everything Pop TV. I'm not sure what it was called but Steevin really enjoyed it.

Steevin and Sir. Lumpsalot head to breakfast.

Lumpsy isn't sure how he feels about bacon...

Off to the bus we went. We met a little boy on the bus who became quite enthralled by Lumpsalot. By enthralled I mean he LOVED Lumpsy and had to show his love by squeeeeeezing him and twisting his trunk. Sir Limpsalot didn't become a knight for nothing. He's a hearty heffalump and survived his "hugs". When we got off the bus we found ourselves at Magic Kingdom. We entered the gates, walked under the monstrous tunnels and onto the giant Main Street USA EAST. And then we did one of our favorite things to do which is browse the shops.
Lumpsalot and I in front of Cinderella's castle

Steevin and Lumpsy chillaxin' at the Hub

We stopped for some photopass pictures and then Steevin, Sir Lumpsalot and myself headed towards Tomorrowland. Our first stop was Stitches Great Escape. My "chair" didn't even work so most of the time if just felt like I was sitting in the dark for no good reason. (Some may argue that even if my chair had worked, experiencing Stitch is still 'no good reason'.) However, Steevin's chair worked and he enjoyed the show but said he wished he could have experienced the more intense Alien Encounter. Then it was off to MILF... I mean Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. I know its cheesy and doesn't belong in Tomorrowland at all, I still think its a cute attraction. At least it has the potential to be different each time. Steev really enjoyed it too.

We loves each other.

"Hold on tight, Steevin!"

A Lumpsalot for me?!

It was time for a relaxing whoooosh around the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. I love that ride! After zipping around Tomorrowland Steevin indulged me and we went on Carousel of Progress. I asked him what he thought of it and he said it was "okay." OKAY?! This classic attraction, Walt's baby?! OKAY?! Then he said that he wished it had been longer. Whew! Honestly, I think he just wished it was longer so he could have sat and rested his feet for longer but I'm going to pretend it was because he enjoyed the show so much. We went to Space which it a prerequisite when visiting Tomorrowland and I guess it was nice since its refurbishment but I didn't notice too much of a difference. There is still NO leg room in the rockets... and I'm short! I can't imagine being any taller and still fitting. Steev said his feelings about Space were "meh".

It looks... thrilling...

Our chocolate croissants from earlier in the day long gone we decided it was time for lunch. We moseyed our way over to Frontierland to get some grub at Pecos BIll's. Oh how I wish Disneyland had a place like this. Its GOOD and the toppings bar is delish. We both got burgers (though Steevin got his with BBQ sauce... ick). We also smothered our fries with nacho cheese and pepperoncinis. Mmmm!

Makes me hungry just looking at it!

With our tummies no longer rumbling we stopped in for a quick visit with Zeek and Zeb and Ted and Fred and good 'ol Tennessee at the Country Bear Jamboree. Steevin liked it okay but didn't like that he could hear the machinery from the bears. I don't know what he's talking about. Those are real bears aren't they? Either way, I couldn't hear them over my own clapping along.

It was starting to drizzle so we opted for a stop at Philharmagic. That is such a cute show! Steevin loved it. It had some of his favorite Disney movies so he was digging it. After the show we stopped to get Fastpass for Winnie the Pooh. I think Fastpass for Pooh blew Steevin's mind since top wait time for Anaheim's Pooh is 3 minutes max. As the machine dispensed our PoohPass it also gave us a surprise one for... Mickey's Phillharmagic. Oh well. With the drizzle continuing we decided to climb the Swiss Family Robinson's Treehouse and then slosh our way to Dole Whips. Steevin got the float and I got the swirl. Mmmmm! I wish we had the pineapple and vanilla swirl at Disneyland. Dole Whips are great but you add that little bit of vanilla and BAM! That is a treat and a half.

Whew! Steevin saved Sir Lumpsalot!

Drizzle, drizzle, drizzle and off to the Jungle Cruise we went. After our cruise through the jungles of Africa and Asia we decided to drag our damp selves to Pirates of the Caribbean. He asked if it was any different than Disneyland's. I told him "It's like... a clip show. Its like a "best of Pirates". Savvy? Our boat whisked us away and bing, bang, boom... we were done. I looked at Steev and his "That's it?!" face was priceless. I tried to warn him... but when you're used to the epicness of Disneyland's Pirates it is a little hard to swallow the "cliffnotes" version.

At the exit of Pirates we found some awesome sunglasses that we both liked so I got blue and Steevin got pink. The drizzle let up finally and we were re-energized by our new purchases. However that's when I realized that my camera was missing. Nooooooo! Lame! I couldn't remember the last time I'd used it that day. We went to City Hall to check but they didn't have it. I filled out paperwork and called back during out trip but we never did find the camera. I was bummed. Steevin bought it for me and it was my favorite color of blue. But we were determined not to let it dampen the day. I think we became determined to have MORE fun to make up for it. We put on our cool shades and decided to get some jollies at MILF. This proved to be a good idea because one of the guys they were "picking on" was hilarious. It gave us a mad case of the giggles.

We had out PoohPasses so we went off to bounce with Tigger. I think Steevin was feeling bad about my lost camera because he even offered to ride "it's a small world" with me. That has never happened in the history of our relationship. It was an exciting time. We rode and Steevin survived. We decided to ride Mansion and Steevin loved it. He said he felt that the first half of Florida's attraction made everything much more cohesive. After going through the attic he said "Oooh, she killed all her husbands!" LOL! I explained that part of the ride was exactly the same as ours. Whatever the reason, The Magic Kingdom version of Haunted Mansion just makes more sense to him. He was a fan.

Pretty view from Mansion

Where he belongs.

Food time again! Harbor house was nice and close. For some reason when we were ordering Steevin and I were talking totally in sync on accident. The Cast Member thought we were cute and asked "Are you father and daughter? I mean... together?" LOL! Steev had fried shrimp and I had a really yummy salad. We sat upstairs and just had a nice sit and relaxed. I really enjoy the upstairs area and looking out over Liberty Square.

We had a full day so we headed back to the Pop (after stopping one more time to see if my camera had been found, which it had not) and shared ice cream in bed. Aren't vacations awesome!?

 Classic Magic Kingdom Picture

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