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02/02/10 Day 6: Epcot-tastic!

Yaaawn! We had been playing hard so when today rolled around we just slept in, watched cartoons and snuggled. When we were finally ready to get moving we skipped breakfast and headed straight for Epcot. Our most favorite park of all! We headed straight for Ellen's Energy Adventure since it had been closed by the time we made it over there on our first day at Epcot. I think this is such a cute ride. Steevin enjoyed how Disney seemed to use so many different attractions to tell the story. He also thinks that on top of all the other guest stars in the attraction that Toby McGuire also makes an appearance. LOL!

Excited to be back at Epcot!

EPCOT Center!

We went to the World Showcase to the Mexican Pavilion because we had seen some rings there on our first day and we wanted to check them out. They were awesome rings that could be engraved. We decided we wanted them but we weren't sure exactly what we wanted on them. Our names? Each others names? Mable's name? (okay that wasn't really ever one of our thoughts) We told the guy working the booth that we'd be back but we had to decide what we wanted. We turned around, walked about 10 steps and then figured it out and ran back to get them. LOL! We decided to buy each other sterling silver rings with "BE(heart)ST" engraved in them. (Its a portmanteau of our names... BEth and STeevin). We placed our orders and paid for them. Woo hoo! Cool! We were told to return later in the day to pick them up. While we were in Mexico we decided to start our tradition of getting candy from each country. I found these wafer thingies with dulce de leche called Obleas that made Steevin very excited because it reminded him of a Colombian dessert very similar. Only Colombians call dulce de leche "arequipe". And now you've learned something for the day. We purchased that treats and stashed them away in the backpack for later.

"You and me, bird!"

I'm in there... somewhere

"Look over there!"

Catch me!

We decided to get lunch, since we'd missed breakfast, while we were waiting for our rings. We skipped on over to Morocco where we ran into Aladdin and Jasmine. They both loved our sunglasses so much that they wore them for a picture with us. It was super cute! After we said goodbye to our new friends, Al and Jazz, we went to the Tangerine Cafe. I got the Lamb Wrap and Steevin had the Falafel wrap. Both were delish. After food we explored the area and looked for candy but there was none to be had. So we headed back to Mexico and picked up our rings that were done. Wheeee! They looked awesome! They turned out super cute (or manly in Steevin's case). Money well spent.

Jazz and Al are SO hip in our shades!

On a magic carpet...

We made our way to France. I stopped and got a Kir Royal in honor of my pop's because he loves them so much. Its champagne with kir liqueur drizzled into it. It makes the champagne all yummy and sweet. So I forked over $13 for a pink glass of champagne and then Steevin tasted mine and decided he wanted his own. We toasted to our awesomeness. Steevin thought mine tasted better but they tasted the same to me. I think he just likes what I have. After our $26 with of fancy booze we searched France for candies and they had plenty! Of course! We picked out some that looked like they'd pleasure our palate and stashed them for later.

Paris in the distance

The city of looooove

Kir Royal is supurb

Steev Royal

"Aaaaay, I'm in France!"

American in Paris!
Colombian in Paris!

Steevin and I needed a little snack so we stopped at a little stand between countries and got empinadas and tostones (which are smash, fried plantains). It reminded Steevin of Colombia and he said it was like his comfort food. It was really good and very cheap! We just sat, relaxed and people watched for about an hour. There were seagulls everywhere. There was a family with a little girl that walked by. The little girl was holding a giant box of popcorn. The seagulls started following here and swooping around her. She started to shriek and run, but as she ran she dropped more and more popcorn so it was whipping the birds into a frenzy around her which caused her to run more and spill more. Oh my word, it was one of the funniest things we'd ever seen. We both laughed so hard.

Spy Cam: Steev throwing away our trash.

Once we were all rested up we went to Norway for School Bread and some other dessert called... something with a V and the word maiden. Velvet? Venetian?  Voluptuous? I'm going with Voluptuous Maiden. It had some apple and stuff. It was good but nothing beats School Bread and coffee. As we sat enjoying our treat, the sun finally burst through the clouds. It was gorgeous. Sure it was getting close to sunset but it was SO beautiful. We left the seating area to go stand by the water and soak up the sun.

France aglow.

Soaking up the rays!


Epcot in the sun.

Pure genuine laughter

Black and White sun

Black and White sun 2

I felt recharged with uv rays so we headed to Canada where I was super disappointed to discover they no longer sold the delicious maple sugar candy I love so much. Screw you Canada Pavilion! (Though your  Cast Members were very nice) We didn't get any candy there because the only other candy they had there was the exact same candy they had in the UK Pavilion and we already had that.

That's not a waterfall behind me... its my tears because Canada didn't have my candy.

Handsome guy


Not too sure why Steevin looks like he's going to punch Tigger...
We visit the Pooh Bear and Friends

So we left the World Showcase to ride Nemo again. "In the big blue wooooorld!" We had an awesome time looking at the rest of the sea life after the ride. We learned that seahorses mate for life and that the males carry the babies. I tried to convince Steevin that we should try things that way but he wasn't having it. Pft... doesn't want to be pregnant himself. What a wimp! Steev was especially excited by the sea urchin sitting on top of a giant hermit crab with other smaller hermit crabs on top of the urchin. He talked about it for days. LOL! We got our pictures taken with Bruce the Shark but Steevs had to be a showoff and put himself in a precarious position. And then I couldn't get the stupid camera to focus. And there was a line building. Finally I got a picture and Steevin got a bruise. LOL! At least we entertained the lady next to me who also took a picture of Steevin because she liked our antics so much.

Steev's urchin sandwich


Steev is too manly to be scared

Shark face!

Billy Idle face? 

Save me!

Those shark teeth really do hurt... Just ask Steevin. LOL!

We rode the weird ride I call Figment and the Creepy Eric Idle Moon. Steevin enjoyed conducting the music at the "Kodak area" after the ride. It was just about the only thing that worked in that whole area. The gift shop had some super cute Figment t-shirts but none of them seemed just right for me. Steev said he'd create me one that was perfect so YAY!
Steev conducts Figment

It was night time and Steev wanted to get a panoramic photo of the Showcase so we headed back to a spot he saw earlier and commenced picture taking. We met a family there that asked Steevin to take their picture. Steevin took their picture and realized he could read the buttons on the camera even though they weren't in English. LOL! So he asked where they were from and they were Argentinian. So Steevin shared secrets with them in their secret language... Spanish. They could have all been ploting to take over the world together for all I know. This is why I've started taking Spanish. No more secrets from me! LOL



We left Epcot after that and headed to Downtown Disney for one last meal at Earl of Sandwich. Steevin was very excited to learn that he could as Pineapple to ANY sandwich there so he got an Italian with pinapple. (eeeew.... warm pinapple!) and I got a caprese sans any pineapple. After we had sandwiches in our tummies we went souvineer shopping before calling it a night and heading back to the Pop.

What a great day!

We always have so much fun!

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